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Our Mission at Carty Appraisals is to provide professional appraisal products and services with accurate up-to-date information, skilled analysis, and sound accurate real estate valuations and advice. Our team employs the most ethical, well trained, skilled and dedicated professionals to provide our customers with high quality appraisal products that reflect the highest levels of integrity and professionals standards in the industry.

When the value matters we want to be our client’s well respected provider of choice.

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Why Choose us?

An accurate appraisal or your home or property can significantly impact financial transactions and decisions.
Carty Appraisals is your number one choice because of our credentials, our expertise and our experience.
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Our Credentials

  • We abide by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal; Practices (USPAP )
  • WE are all members of the Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers (CNAREA)

Credential Details

  • James Carty: DAR, DRP, Certified Appraisal Reviewer - CNAREA, IFA - ASA, CPPA - CPPAG
  • Denise Carty: CM, CMAR - CNAREA
  • Johnathan Carty: DAR, Certified Appraisal Reviewer - CNAREA
  • Jason Pickard: DAR - CNAREA
  • Chris Edwards: DAR - CNAREA
  • Leticia Rodrigue: CM - CNAREA
  • Tanya Pettigrew, CM - CNAREA

Our Expertise

  • We are one of the longest established appraisal companies in the region
  • Our experience covers a broad range of property types
  • Experienced legal appraisal experts

Expertise Details

  • Carty Appraisals was established in 2001
  • Started as Construction specialist and have grown to experts in all areas of Residential Appraising.
  • Our team is recognized by all major Financial Institutions in Canada.

Our Experience

  • We have completed thousands of appraisals during our 22 years of business
  • We are leaders in the appraisal credentialing organizations

Experience Details

  • Over 50,000 appraisals completed by our firm
  • The owner has sat on the Board of Directors for CNAREA since 2006 and as the National President since 2016

Carty Appraisals

484 Main Street, PO Box 446,
Winchester, ON, K0C 2K0
Tel: (613) 774-6195