Estate Settlement

When settling an estate, a real estate appraisal of any property included in the assets is required. Carty Appraisals has the expertise, experience and certifications to provide a property appraisal that will meet the legal requirements for settling an estate.  The actual appraisal process will begin with a careful analysis of the property itself. This involves looking at the square footage, condition of the home, size of the lot, local market conditions, and any special features of the home. The appraiser will also assess the value of any interior upgrades or remodeling that was done.

Once the appraisal is finished, the appraiser will submit a report containing the appraised value of the house. This report will include the following information: a description of the property, a measure of value, a comparison of the property to other recent appraisals, local market conditions, and any other factors that may affect the property’s value.

In addition to the appraisal report itself, an estate executor will also receive a separate document containing the appraiser’s opinion regarding the value of the property. This opinion will also include the reasons behind the opinion and any potential risks involved due to the unique characteristics of the estate.

When obtaining an appraisal for an estate settlement, it is important to select an appraiser who is certified and reputable. Carty Appraisals has substantial experience evaluating real estate in Eastern Ontario, is familiar with appraisal principles and laws, and has earned the appropriate credentials. We will also ensure that there are no conflicts of interest in the specific property being appraised.

Every estate is unique, so it is important to select an appraiser whose opinion about the value of the home is supported by professional and experienced research. We are confident that when you choose Carty Appraisals for an estate settlement, family members can be assured that the assessment of the property is accurate and can support their decision-making process.