Matrimonial Settlement

carty appraisals divorce signing
When a matrimonial settlement involves property, a Carty Appraisals can be an important part of the process. We use several different techniques to assess the value of the property in question and provide an objective third-party opinion.

Real estate appraisals for matrimonial settlements typically involve more than just an estimate of the market value. The type of appraisal and valuation techniques used can depend on the details of the divorce decree and the goals of the parties involved.

At Carty Appraisals, we endeavour to understand the specific needs of a particular divorce situation and apply the appropriate type of appraisal to provide a reliable opinion of value. This would include consideration of the use of the property, the condition and potential of the property, the expected marketability of the property, and the timing of the sale.

In addition to an appraisal of the property’s market value, we can also provide appraisals for related purposes such as valuing the financial interest being exchanged by the parties, determining potential tax liabilities, or other possible financial or legal ramifications.

When performing a real estate appraisal for a matrimonial settlement, several key steps must be followed. The appraiser will first review any relevant documents and make sure that they have a thorough understanding of the needs of the parties, the objectives of the divorce, and the specific details of the property.

The appraiser will then visit the property to conduct an inspection and complete a comprehensive property report. This report would include a description of the physical condition of the property, any repairs that may be necessary, any safety hazards, and any improvements to the property. The report will also clearly identify the highest and best use of the property, making note of any potential constraints or opportunities.

Once the appraiser has completed the inspection and property report, they must complete an analysis of the market conditions and provide an estimate of market value. The appraiser will consider both current market conditions and how those conditions may change in the future.

Carty Appraisals provides an essential service for an equitable division of assets in a matrimonial settlement. By conducting an in-depth analysis of the property, we can accurately assess the value of the home, and facilitate a fair and equitable settlement for all parties involved.